Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Home again!

It is so lovely to be home. Don't get me wrong I love visiting kids and grandkids but it always nice to get in your own bed and have your own kitchen.

I am scrambling getting everything done I need to since I am having my right hip replaced next Tuesday. This week we are lowering the bed so I will be able to get in and out easier. Right now I use a stool to get up to it. We bought a new king size mattress and are going to try to live with it without a boxspring so we can still have the space below the bed for stuff. So the new mattress comes on Thursday, the old queen goes into the guest room, the guest room bed double goes into Andrew's room and the twin in his room....I guess into the garage, one twin mattress will go under his bed for grandkids but the other? I'd like to set up the bunkbed for the grandkids I get rid of the mattresses meanwhile? They are old....Storing them in the garage would be awful.

I will head off to another yarn shop today since I am planning to make a hat for the grandbaby without one. The library has this cute book! Monster Knits for Little Monsters I have several patterns in the book I'm trying to choose from; the alien that's on the front cover, the robot, the teddy bear, the rabbit. The shark is also darling. Then one grandson requested mittens; warm mittens like I made here.So I need to locate the book and inventory the yarn to find some wool. The winter coat colors are unknown so I guess I can do anything I want.

Interesting......(to me anyway) I chose gray and red for the mittens and called my daughter and learned that anything red automatically belongs to the grandson that has red as a favorite color. Unfortunately his brother is the one that needs mittens; his favorite color is orange.The knit shop had no good orange felting yarn (in the price range I wanted to pay.) I came home with just the gray and looking through my yarn found some yellow and some black I could use. I know I had some orange...  turns out that last fall I was on a mission to use the orange up ('cause I couldn't imagine needing it at anytime) and crocheted several pumpkin things with it. :(

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