Thursday, October 18, 2012

Warm mittens

Growing up I lived in Colorado; cold country. Then I moved to Idaho for a couple years of college; colder country. After four years in Utah where I could have used some warm mittens I moved to Texas. I have been known to knit a few pairs of WARM mittens for grandkids in Idaho and Washington.
I knit them big and then felt them. (Here I washed one so you could see the difference). I used a book; 'Knit it Felt it' for the pattern and loved that they kept little kids hands warm.
Today I learned about 'thrummed mittens' also very warm; here's a pattern with a picture. Here a blogger in Calgary knit herself some and then took them for a test run in -25 (probably celsius) degree weather and her hands stayed warm. Who knew? When my hands were so cold in Idaho I could have gotten them warm with either of these mittens. Only 35 years too late.

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