Wednesday, July 9, 2014

double knit quilts

I'm pretty sure that we drove through a town called Cherokee?? did not think I would forget the name, and was sure I could look it up on a map....and there is a town Cherokee and it is near our route, but not exactly on the road I thought we were driving. So I 'm not sure where we saw this but there was a sign; 'QUILTS!' and we stopped. On the front porch of what looked like a one room store was a quilt, worn and weathered; it was a double knit top. The shop was closed but looking in the window I could see shelves full of finished quilts. Behind the building where we parked was a fence with a row of double knit, hand pieced quilt tops.

The Grandmother's Flower Garden was pieced with small hexagon's and the original color of the path was a very bright green, I could see the underside of the quilt in one spot.
WOW! It looked fabulous and was a great advertisement for the shop, I'd love to see what was inside but it is unlikely I'll ever see the shop open...It was between here and Lubbock so we do get to drive it 2 more times so I'll keep my eye's open for more polyester quilts.

We drove the same route up to Lubbock but I didn't see the shop, then we drove on freeways home since we were coming from Pampa.

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