Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lemons Sauce and vegetables with Quinoa

I am still alive, July 22 I had my right hip replaced. Not fun. I'm still in a fog of pain relievers and forced rest. Although not so forced since I don't feel like doing anything yet. I lay there thinking and feeling great then I get up and have no stamina at all.  This will pass. I go to the sewing room and use my grabber tool and put a few things away. then walk back down the hall and tuck myself back into bed. I manage to drive just a bit, the last three days, which means I have to plan to have no pain killers on board when Andrew needs to go someplace. It has worked fine, I feel like I am able to do something. I haven't cooked yet but have been able to sit and supervise Laurel trying to reproduce one of my favorite dishes today. Licorice-caramels (I posted about it here.) and Almond encrusted Lemon quinoa...with spinach and vegetables. It is a dish I had at a local restaurant; Birroporetti's, Almond encrusted chicken with lemon sauce and angel hair pasta. I've had it since I've reproduced it and I prefer my version; 

 Lemon sauce
1 onion, cut up fried with 
2 Tablespoons oil (butter is great but not required)
2 Tablespoon garlic added when onion is almost done
2 T flour to thicken
2 cups chicken broth
juice of 2 lemons (our lemons were small and wimpy)
salt and pepper to taste
simmer until thickened

In a separate fry pan toast sliced almonds and set aside

Cook vegetables as desired I have used, 
bell peppers
green beans

Quinoa or rice or pasta cooked 

The fresh spinach is put on the plate first then the rest is layered on top
and finally a garnish of fresh diced tomatoes.

This is Yummy!

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A Nudge said...

Here's praying for a speedy recovery, Laurie. Well, as speedy as these are. The recipe is mouth watering. I recently discovered quinoa and will be sure to try it.
Angie in SoCal