Monday, May 5, 2014

Irish chain update

I have finished the quilting and am now doing the binding. I took a picture of it but it was awful! You will have to wait until I'm finished with the binding. Have I mentioned that it is BIG? Wrestling it around is a challenge, hence the wait. I also have found some dirt on it and will have to wash it in spots...any one else hesitant to put a red and white quilt in the washer right before it goes into a show? I'm going to wait a couple of years to wash it, then I'll use color catchers and follow Vickie Welsh's advice (found on her blog here.) Unfortunately using a front loading washing machine doesn't work.
Here are a few pictures from my phone;

 a postcard, almost finished, that will be mailed next week or so...Used random bits of shirts that I took out of the trash. Love this method that I adapted from Kathleen Loomis's blog. She uses selvages but selvages are too big for a postcard....and I have bits of shirts that would otherwise go in the trash...although I'm considering keeping a shoebox of them on hand for future postcards. (See my first one using this technique here.)
a bird, cedar waxwing,  Andrew found close to the edge of the pool, he eventually flew away. One year we had a flock of these land in our holly tree and stay for a day while they ate the berries.
I think Dad is enjoying the dog the most. He spends time with him every night training him and walking him. Thanks to him Kepling is learning how to behave. He hates his crate though and we've quit putting him in and am gradually training him to it again. So far he will eat in there and will go get a toy out of it, but he never lays down in it. Now we need to train him to pick up his toys. :)

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Liz Johnston said...

cool shot of the bird. Glad dad is enjoying the dog. I was the one that trained Ali to fetch.