Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine pillow

I try to do a couple little valentine projects each year. This year I made my Mother a pillow for Christmas, seen here, so I decided to make a pillow cover for the same pillow form for Valentine's day. I also had an idea for years that I wanted to try.
This is 4 layers of flannel, sewn on the bias 1/2" apart across the whole thing. But what is valentiney about that? If you look hard you can see some hearts in the middle. Three of them. After deciding on the order of the colors, I took the middle 2 layers and cut 3 hearts out of them.  The middle heart I just rearranged the colors, the outside 2 I replaced one of the colors with a purple and a lavender.

It was much easier to sew than the bigger chenille I made last spring, seen here, But I won't know if it worked until it comes out of the dryer. It was harder to cut, each time I came to a spot where the under flannel was cut I had to use my scissors to get it started. Word to the wise; look at the left side, see the pink sticking out? Next time make sure the lowest layer is bigger on 2 adjacent sides. It made it MUCH easier to slip the edge of the scissors and the rotary cutter under the top 3 but above the bottom layer there.
Here is is finshed;

Since the pillow form it covers is in Colorado I draped it over a folded up quilt. Love it! I think I will make another! I love the feel of the chenille. I put a zipper in the back; yeah another zipper used but I have neglected to mention that I visited an estate sale and bought 10 new zippers. So my numbers went up a bit. I like the large flap that covers this zipper.
I'll get this in the mail today; that will be 3 trips to the post office this week, hopefully the last. Valentine's to be sent to my Mother and my son and then I just get to think about a Valentine for my man!

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