Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rejoice Pillow

Back in December I posted about quilting some linen here .
There it is. But I didn't post the finished project.
I had a friend, Lisa, embroider the word REJOICE on it. I struggled with which word to use, Mom already had a needlepoint pillow with JOY on it, I wanted it to refer to Christ and the real reason for the celebration that is Christmas. So here it is;
 I purchased a pillow form ; 12 x 22 to fill it.
A close-up of the embroidery. The first time I or my friend had tried quilting and then embroidering, she did put a water soluble stabilizer on top of the linen. It worked very well.
I used a man's shirt for the back. The only red and green plaid to be had was not 100% cotton, so after cutting most of it up into bias strips I threw the rest away. (Don't want it to get in my 'collection' accidentally.)
This is what I did with the left over bias strips;
a pom-pom using a pom pom maker that I bought just before the holidays.

Now to cover Mother's pillow form with pillows for other holiday's....

I also blogged some recent customer quilts over at the

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