Saturday, February 8, 2014


I'm still sending postcards, however I feel bad now if I don't send one every DAY! Today I made my first arty one. So since it is a valentine I had to share;
Sew easy. A scrap of linen some hearts cut out of fabric and sewn around. I used a bit of cotton knit fabric for the batting and sewed it to a heavy piece of paper.

My post cards have changed a bit. I visited Mom and Dad at Christmas and saw how beat up the cards get in the mail; sometimes the face is scrapped off the picture. Now I stitch a piece of tracing paper on top, They look like this;
I do 4 at a time under the tissue paper. Sometimes I leave enough space to slip a finger in to tear the tracing paper off.

I now put the postage on the tissue paper and make labels on the computer (Avery 18660, found at WalMart, make it very easy to learn how to do it) to stick on, so I don't write and make an indentation on the picture.
This gives me more room to write on the back. Notice that postcard postage went up too, by 1 penny. So I counted my postcard stamps and bought enough to use them all. I still make a bunch but now I try to write them at a table...I can write more legibly (imagine that!) if I'm at a desk.
See you later, I have one more valentine post to write but for now I have a postcard to mail.

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