Monday, November 4, 2013

What's in your pot?

I'm sure you've seen the posts of What's on your line? Quilts on a clothesline....What's on your design wall? a Quilt in progress...and What's on your needles? Knitting in progress.  I've even seen What's on your bed? A quilt of course. So this is what was in my pot Thursday night. Truly after hiking around the George R Brown all day I stood at the stove and cooked......this;
 Some more pieces of wool to get this:
This is arranged, from top to bottom, original, dyed. original, dyed, original, dyed. All with the same acid dye that I blogged about here; I cut the 3 oranges into leaf units, but have to find some more black wool. :( I have 11 leaves made and only need I may have to change my plan or...reject a couple. I just couldn't decide which one to not make.
I may have created a monster; I saw many cool things at festival to make with wool. Here are a few;
 This is 'Dear Jane, Welcome to the 21st Century' by Valarie Mullally of Ireland.
This is a BIG quilt called 'Gypsy Rose' made by Patty Johnson of Kansas.
Then there were booths where you are not allowed to take pictures. Penny rugs were beautiful as were a few appliqued pictures, framed, with kits to reproduce said picture. I did not see a single braided rug, where use of wool would be great. There were felted animals but not as many as other years. One booth had a huge felting machine; You bought the fleece from them in the colors you wanted then they felted it right there. Really cool. Really big machine and not cheap.  I could have bought orange over-dyed wool at festival for $20.00 a yard. I'll keep haunting the local thrift for old skirts.

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Liz Johnston said...

I like that bottom quilt. looks cool. I think your way is cheaper.