Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New reason to diet!

Just yesterday I was bemoaning my lack of black wool; so I decided to look in my own closet. I have a pair of black wool pants! And wonder of wonders they are too big! WAY TOO BIG! I can justify getting rid of them too big. Wow! I bought them at the thrift store years ago, during my hunt for wool, and they fit so I've worn them each winter since then, probably 5 years. I paid $.99 for them. (Most of the wool pants/skirts I find now are about $4.) They missed out on the wool purge I did last year 'cause they were hanging in my closet.
 Do my pants look right at home?
Just my favorite block....today anyway.
  • I can finish the blocks for my leaf quilt now.
  • I'm motivated to go walking 3 miles today.
  • I'm motivated to get rid of the rest of the chocolate Halloween candy; and not by eating it!
Now I'll have to find a use for the red wool skirt I have....Surely I no longer fit in it either.

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