Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wool dyeing #2

So I was unhappy with the Kool-Aid so I went to Texas Art Supply and got some Jacquard dye (You can also get it at Dharma) I bought the pumpkin orange color and then lay my pattern pieces on some wool and cut out a piece big enough to get a leaf. Then dyed in on the stove top.This is what I got;
 I arranged the stack; dyed piece, what it looked like undyed, then dyed piece...etc. If you click on the photo it will enlarge. I am very happy with it. The least successful is the gray piece and I wonder if the fiber isn't 100% wool, I try to only buy 100% wool pieces, and if there is no tag I won't buy it, but I may have made a mistake. I'll burn it and test it for polyester. The last orange piece, on the far right, is the one that was Kool-aided first.
Here's a close up of 2 of them. Now I have something to work with! I'm determined to not just store wool; it has got to be used.
Dyeing it was easy; if you can boil water you can dye wool. I used the big pot that I used for years for my family so was unwilling to get rid of it when we got new pots, so now it gets a label and will only be used for dyeing.

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Mel said...

I like the orange. Looks good. so why do you need an orange leaf?