Saturday, November 2, 2013

quilt festival

I'm recovering from 2 days of wandering around the George R Brown Convention Center (9 football fields of quilts and quilt related stuff.) My legs are tired and painful but my head is reeling with all the images I saw.
Unfortunately my pictures are pretty awful.Here's one;
The brightness attracted me. Because the photo is sooooo bad I went hunting on the internet to find the artist, Janet Steadman. I found much better images here.
I found 78 photos of quilts at the show here, at the Houston Chronicle. Strangely I didn't see many of the pictured quilts. My favorite exhibit, World of My Mother's Dream, was of a group of Japanese quilts; one is pictured here.There was a book of this exhibit that would have been a great purchase...Here is one of my photos of this exhibit of exquisite quilts;
 close-up of another;
Unfortunately these are the best of the bunch I took.
I also found a booth that sells embroidery from South Africa, Tambani. I found them colorful and would make a great wall hanging..but I have too much going on. If you want to see them go here.The women that embroider them are trying to earn some money for their families. They include a translation of the folk tale that inspired the art work.
Another cool booth was selling cornstarch paper. You can put it through the printer, embroider through it then wash it away....I'm thinking quilt design, sew through it then wash it away. Its at Original Creations Quilt Shop in Lawenceburg, IN, here.
I had a great time. If my body hadn't given out I might have gone again today....

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