Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I remember Halloween being fun and exciting but I don't remember it being so loud! We had an activity last night at church where the kids were having a GREAT time. The adults not so much. I remember making costumes for my kids and LOVING it. I decorated. I gathered the perfect candy, chocolate, not wanting to be the house that handed out looser candy. Not this year; last night I handed my 14 year old some cash and sent him into Walgreens to get some candy to hand out at the trunk or treat....but then was to lazy to do it (or maybe that was the mosquitoes and the pain talking). Now I'm considering keeping it just to have some bribery on hand to use with Andrew. He loves starburst and we will most likely not go trick or treating this year.

Here's a post to just to show you the ugliest costume I ever made.

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