Thursday, October 2, 2008

halloween costumes

I am posting this picture for my grandson (owner of the cape I made last week) of the cape I made his Dad for Halloween; modeled by his little brother (his dad's little brother). (It has some real issues; the lining peeks out longer than the back; the collar stays up due to layers of heavy duty wonder under and pipe cleaners added after construction. The ribbon hurt his throat so I rigged it to tie behind his back-I should have used white ribbon.) Regardless of it's issues it has been worn approximately 8 Halloweens! 

Check out Andrew in his banana spider costume; designed by Andrew at 5; worn until the pants became shorts...

the 'legs' are pipe insulation covered with painted cotton knit fabric and attached with clear fish line so they would move with his arms.) shsh I know it's ugly but it was LOVED by Andrew and EVERYONE made comments about how cool it was.

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