Friday, October 28, 2011

Zigzag Friday

I've actually spent some time working on a new project-just experimenting and seeing if it would work.
I had a lunch bag full of scraps...I grabbed them when I was locked out of my house this week. These were scraps thrown out by fellow quilters when I attended a retreat a few years ago. I remembered them being batik triangles.....not exactly right, but a lot of batiks and a lot of big prints. I just sewed them together as they came out of the bag.
Then when I had 3 rows and decided I liked it; I ripped them out and then fussy cut* each triangle to a single size; 1.5 inches.and then sewed them back together.
My zigzag made up of 1 inch half square triangles. These are all batiks, just as they came out of the bag, (they were already paired right sides together). I think it is a'll work for in the apartment since it is a small project and the other boxes will go back to the house....
Where I am headed now.

*fussy cut is not the right term... I cut each square, made up of 2 half square triangles, into a 'perfect' 1 1/2" square using a ruler with the diagonal seam line right under the 45 degreee line on the ruler. Time consuming but almost perfect. The 'quilt top' (it's hardly a quilt top since it is so small) lays very flat and is very nice to sew on now that the squares are cut right.


Marilyn said...

1" VERY small... You.....VERY ambitious !!!!

Quilter Kathy said...

This is so cool! I love it and am inspired to keep going with my scrappy project! Thanks for sending me the link!