Monday, October 24, 2011

kicked out

The sad fact is that because of floor issues..., cleaning, sealing, prepping, leveling, and then finally tiling I was kicked out of the house until Thursday. What will I do?
I had my husband bring a couple projects down from the sewing room. With 4 days surely I can finish;
  • a pastel Irish chain quilt
  • Liz and Ryan's quilt
  • finish the feathered star I started in class 2 weeks ago
  • sew rod-pocket on Reed and Angela's quilt
  • bury all the ends in a customer's quilt
  • cook dinner each night
  • shop for lights for under cabinets and above cabinets
  • get Andrew a flu shot
  • get Jeffrey's passport applied for (which will entail getting him out of school twice!)
  • attend Andrew's last cross country meet Wednesday
Took most of today to shop for the lights...
Dinner is started; lentil soup, AND the customer quilt has 1/2 of the ends buried (then I'll put it back in the longarm and finish the quilting next week.)

This is a baby size of the Irish chain I am doing. This one was finished in 1995. I organized an exchange previous to '95 where we exchanged parts of the chain. I planned to do a baby and 2 double quilt sizes. Later a friend gave me her exchange pieces for a I have a LOT of pieces for the, now queen size, Irish chain.

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Marilyn said...

Maybe it's good to be "floored" out of the house . lol