Sunday, November 7, 2010

Stash Report

I used ....1/4 yard of my own fabric! I replaced the straps on the bag I carry. I attended Market, Festival and a couple band big deals for my child in the last 2 weeks since I posted. No time to sew for myself with Christmas coming.
It's a good thing that we're not counting all sewing purchases....although I purchased NO fabric I did manage to make a dent in the pocket book with rulers... I'm trying one of them out now and will post the results next week. I'm excited about the possibilities.....I'm sure it will help me use up some stash!

used, changed: 171.75 yards
purchased, same: 191 yards
donated, same: 71 yards

Check out how the rest of Judy's friends are doing with their stash busting here.


Kare said...

I am amazed, dumbfounded really, that you went to Market and came home without fabric . . . I am anxious to see the rulers you got! Did you get one of the ones that sharpen your blade while cutting?

SpinningStar said...

New rulers are always fun to play with - looking forward to your review of them. Liz