Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ear warmers

There was ICE on our car this morning! The Scouts have been working on their bicycling merit badge and today is the day of their 50 miler. It's COLD out there. So I made this for my son:
A side view:
It was faster to make a new one than to find the one I made 14 years ago out of polar fleece when Reed and Brian were going winter camping in Virginia. This one is made from the sleeve of a felted wool sweater; I think it will be warmer than the last one I made.

I straightened the sides of the sleeve then cut it in half lengthwise and overlapped the ends to add warmth over the ears. It is custom fit to his head since there is not a lot of stretch left after felting. With another 2 minutes of work I could have made it neater and then if it was for a girl I could add this. Since this is for a boy and has to fit under a bicycle helmet it works perfect plain.

When I took the first picture he was grimacing but when I told him it was for his sisters he grinned.

Later I'll report on the 'damage' done at Quilt Festival but I want to try them out and then report. :)

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Mel said...

You really really need to post more pictures of your children. Andrew looks so different here. He looks a lot like Dad, but with your skin tone. So what does Jeffrey look like these days?