Monday, November 8, 2010

Design Wall

I bought several rulers at Quilt Festival this year. Instead of listing them I thought I' do something with them... This is the one I was actually looking for:
First I sorted though my drawer of cut strips and decided that I had more 2.5 inch strips than any other so made 5 strata (not the full width of the fabric; I just used what I had) using the bright I-spy fabrics. I wanted to do this; (yes, I know it is very busy.)
Well, not quite I want a whole circle.... This is ending up 22" across. 40 wedges are cut, 20 are sewn. It will be my rest project until I get the entire circle sewn...then what?
I stopped at a half circle 'cause I have a quilt to quilt....., this post to write and laundry to do. I figured out that to make the later applique easier do not stitch across the end of the valley between the points.
Stop or start a stitch from the edge. I think this will make the applique easier.
Am I happy with Marilyn Doheney's ruler? Yes, I am; I think my application is one of the hardest this ruler will help with. If I make a whole quilt I may simplify the design. Plain blades would be nice; every other blade pieced would eliminate a bunch of matching.....

What would you do with 1 22" circle?

Judy has a fun project up on her design wall; so go check out the others on her blog.


Mel said...

How about an eye spy dart board!

Denise :) said...

I love this, it's so fun! I'm a ruler-aholic; I think I see a new one in my immediate future! :)

Chris said...

Fun way to use up those scraps.

Diane said...

that is a big circle. good for you for using what you buy...sometimes I don't.

ANudge said...

Oh, wow, Laurie - that looks like fun! Look forward to seeing more of what you do with these.