Friday, November 5, 2010

Market damage...

I went to Quilt Market and am trying a couple of 'new to me' products.
I got a bamboo rayon baby sized batting to try. Her sample was so soft and cuddly that I think it will make a great quilt. So who's is it going to be for?
I got a new rotary cutter; somehow mine has disappeared in this nice, neat, fully organized house and I have been cutting everything with a zigzag cutter. The booth also had a fabulous mat and hydraulic worktable, so it was easy to either sit or stand to do your cutting....after looking at the price though it will never be happening here. For that price I can clean off the kitchen counter to do my cutting there.
I got Sharyn Craigs' cutting corners ruler with 2 booklets of different patterns. I made 2 quilts last year that could have been easier with this tool. I have often rigged up my own cutting corners template for a quilt so I think this will be used in the future.
Then I had to get some thread.... last year I tried some 'glide' thread and liked it so I got a few neutral colors to use on customer's quilts. The price was good and even though I thought I'd want to use cotton thread on everything I'm very pleased with the sheen the tri-lobal polyester threads give my work. They added a few pre-wound matching magnetic bobbin in to try. I hope it eliminates the bobbin spin that I get occasionally.

I was trying to describe to Lynn the fast easy 'slice n' dice' approach to quilting and I found a u-tube video that does a great job of illustrating the concept. Here Sharyn Craig demonstrates the same block I made and messed up here. Her booklets are very comprehensive with a table to show what size blocks you end up with when you start with a different size.

Today I'm going to Festival there I'm looking for a ruler, a ruler holder, maybe one of these patterns, and fabric for a blogger friend; she is looking for 1/2 yard of a specific stripe. We'll see what I come home with.

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