Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday work-out wednesday wack out...wednesday....

I need an alliteration for this post. One of my VBFF mentioned that she is having a hard time with clutter.... so this is for you.... and me. I chose one clutter pile to eliminate this week. Wednesday to Wednesday. I chose this pile because I need something that is somewhere in the middle of that pile. And I need it today. So it will get me started. What do you think is in there?
  • I hope Roger's missing keys are there
  • my textile merit badge stuff is there
  • bits of different Goodwill stuff has been piled there.
  • some mail
  • no money
  • no library books (at least I hope not.)
  • It's pretty, tall surely there is more than that
I've been thinking of this project for a week (or 2) and considered just doing it with a small e-mail group; after all it is a little embarrassing to show the world your mess...
So why now? I have several reasons;
  • I started the pile 1 year ago so it has aged just right.
  • My daughter-in-law was here when I started it and she is returning... so it has to be gone, right?
  • I hope I can inspire my friend to do a similar project or at least realize she isn't alone in this cluttered world.
  • Christmas is coming and
  • it just needs to be done.
Hopefully I will post a picture next week of a clean corner and one of my new corner or basket to clean/organize. Let's see how much I can get done before it's time to decorate for Christmas. It would hardly look nice to put a Christmas decoration on top of that pile or any of the many that are scattered around this house.

So help me out with the alliteration...Wednesday wordy (There is a Wordless Wednesday out there is blogland) Wednesday Welfare (since it is good for my welfare to get rid of some stuff...) or Wednesday wiggles...which makes no sense.


Angela said...

Seriously I was just about to say that was in the porch/front area when I left...its still there!? Ok this is the week to get it done!

Patty Cake said...

I can tell you but not show... my spot of NEED is under the 'bar' in the livingroom...I have worked on it one day, it needs another with real dedication. I'm in! i hope this helps me. How about Wednesday Wipe-out?

Mel said...

CFW. Clutter Free Wednesday.