Saturday, July 10, 2010

San Antonio

I got to drive to San Antonio yesterday and bring home my son from EFY (kind of a church camp held at Trinity University by BYU-Brigham Young University).
My youngest (13 year old boy) and I set out early enough Friday morning to visit a few Quilt shops on our way. Did you hear his groan? Actually he was a very good sport about it. First one was Martha's Quilting Corner in Shiner, TX.
Unfortunately they did not have the autumn jelly roll I NEED! Lovely shop with lots of fabric and friendly people working there.
I also accidentally found a long armer in Shiner. She has a cute building and a few fabrics; I saw her building near where we ate lunch and even though my GPS kept telling me that Martha's was the other direction I stopped and chatted for a bit; then she directed me to Martha's.
Next stop was way off the beaten path; and behind an ranch gate. She was NOT a shop but manages to keep busy long arming. I took her advice and called before visiting the next 2 on my list and since there was no answer I assume they were also long armers and not shops.
We made it to San Antonio just in time to stop at this cute shop near downtown. I'd been to 'Los Colshas' before so knew I would enjoy another visit. See that basket of sale patterns on the front porch? Very tempting. I'm kicking myself now for not buying one of them....oh, well I don't have any time for another project. This is really a charming spot and if you look at their website you learn that the cottage was a mail ordered kit from the Sear's catalog; 1910.
Finally we found a $3.00 (instead of $10.) parking spot and hiked to the Alamo. We didn't have much time there since it was close to closing time but we've been there before. My favorite spot? Leaning over the model of the battle and studying the tiny figures and seeing the scale of the battle and of the original Alamo.

That was my week end; we got home about noon today and I've done very little sewing. I did finish designing and loading a customer quilt. It is custom and will take a quite bit of time at the beginning of the week.


Silverthimble said...

I was at Los Colshas last February. I managed to find some fabric there to bring home with me as a souvenier. I loved everthing about that little shop--from the easy access to downtown, to the wonderfully helpful staff who work there, to the cute little Sears catalogue house that it is located in.

Gwen said...

Have you visited any other shops when in San Antonio? I can reccomend some others that are great also.