Sunday, July 11, 2010

stash busting

Although I have no stash busted I also do not have any stash builder news. I visited 2 new quilt shops and came out empty handed.
The good news is that I figured out how much fabric I need to back the triangle madness; 9 YARDS! AND I have the fabric in my stash. Years ago I decided to make drapes for my dining room and since I worked for a week during Quilt festival at a quilt shop I got paid and got a discount sooo I spent it on fabric for drapes. 11 yards of a reproduction fabric and 11 yards of muslin for the lining. My plan was to make them and when/if I moved I'd be able to use the fabric in a quilt. Well...the drapes never got made and the dining room is now an office AND I got new china so they wouldn't go at all anyway.

What do you think? A good back?

donated, same: 71 yards
used, same: 86.4 yards
purchased, same: 92 yards

Check out Judy's blog to see what the other stash busters are doing.

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Penny said...

Yes! I think that is a great match. Great thinking. No new fabric for a 9 yard backing. That will certainly help the busting numbers. I can hardly wait to see this quilt quilted and finished. I love it.