Saturday, August 15, 2009

Quilt shop hop

I made my own quilt shop hop today. Once Liz and Ryan and Carter packed up and left the Hotel I was free to sleep until check out ...or go check out some quilt shops. Guess what I did? I had done my homework before leaving home and had a list of 3 quilt shops in the area; then Roger found me another one. So I visited 4 different shops!
First was 'The Cat's Meow Quilt Shop' while it was the smallest it had a couple of unique Texas wall hangings up that I enjoyed seeing. There was a group of ladies in the classroom working on a paper pieced block of the month that will be stunning when it is finished. I bought 10 of the very large bobbins that my long-arm uses.
Next I went to 'Plain Jane's Quilt Shop' I loved the antique pieces that she used to hold her fabric and I'd love to have one of those old grocery store carts that she had. She carries lots of reproduction fabrics and most of her samples were very folksy and/or primitive.
Then I visited 'Los Colchas' in downtown San Antonio. In a cute old home with lots of fabrics and samples. They were clearly into wool; several samples done with recycled wool were fabulous; the last table runner kit almost came home with me. I wandered around the store a couple times looking at everything; aprons, bags, pin cushions. I was looking for 30's reproductions and although they had many bolts they didn't have the solids to go with them.
The last one in San Antonio was '7th Heaven.' They were having a big sale; 20 % off everything so almost ALL the 30's fabrics were gone. :( I bought a piece of printed handkerchief fabric of Texas'. Loved it. Who gets a quilt made out of it?

Instead of going straight home I took a detour to Giddings, TX and visited Gerlines Quilt Shop. Loved it. A rancher's wife took over a farm building and put a quilt shop in. 3,000 bolts of wonderfulness. In the back of nowhere.... I found the fabric I needed for a customer's quilt.

That's 5 quilt shops in 1 day and never did I hear, 'Not another fabric store!' whine cause I left everyone home!

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