Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What do YOU DO in the summertime?

What do you do in the summertime is a song my kids sing at church and it was running through my head this morning ....
What do you do in the summertime when your favorite playmate (brother) is gone?
This is what Andrew does;
  • go to snobeach for a snocone... a big deal evidently
  • spend 3 HOURS making a power point presentation to convince Dad that a DSI game system would be wonderful for me to buy.
  • decide he'd rather have a DSLite....
  • take Dad to a movie; 'How to train your Dragon'
  • run a half mile a day....can I talk him into a whole mile today?
  • make cookies and eat most of the batter before baking them.
  • Try to mow the far; 3 days he hasn't finished the front yard....but he tries every day then can't get the mower to work for longer than 5 minutes. It works for Dad though.
  • playing in the pool by yourself or with mom is just a little boring... (Mom can still swim faster than he can)
Today is another opportunity for him to plan something himself.

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