Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Welsh Quilts

One of the books I'm excited about is one on Welsh quilting; seen here. So now I've found a few sites on line about Welsh quilting to share with you.
  • Here a blogger tells and show some quilts from an exhibit. Although the photos show the strong graphic quality of some of the Welsh quilts it does not do justice to the quilting designs.
  • If you are going to Wales this site by the authors of 'How to Make a Welsh Quilt' has a list of museums that have quilts to see.
  • If you want to purchase one or just see the photographs of quilts that are available to purchase go here.
  • Here is a Welsh blog, written by Pippa Moss, with some great photographs of some old Welsh quilts.
I can see that these Welsh quilts may have an impact on the quilting I do. Hope you are inspired too.

Now I have to go back and figure out where I made a mistake on my latest project....

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