Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Reading List

One of the benefits of joining a quilt guild is access to many, many quilt books. This month I'm reading:
  1. Minnesota Quilts; Creating Connections with Our Past and
  2. West Virgina Quilts and Quiltmakers. Just those 2 books make my dues worthwhile; it saved me at least $50.00 plus shipping AND I don't have to store them for the next 20 years. If you combine those 2 with the 4 quilt books I've purchased this month I'm in hog heaven. I go to quilt guild once a month about 15 miles from my home; guild is finished at 8:30-9-ish and Half Price Books is open until 10. I have to drive right by it to get home and it sucks me into the parking lot every month. Last month I got a book for my mother, Pine Tree Quilts, since she is working on a tree quilt. Monday I found
  3. Making Welsh Quilts for $7.98! These quilts are quilted differently than most American quilts, interesting designs. I also got
  4. the Border Workbook by Janet Kime; since I started that border quilt in a class in January I'll need more information when I have time to finish it. (We CAN justify any quilt book purchase!) I also received a gift card to Amazon and I used it to purchase another quilt book;
  5. Quilts of Virginia 1607-1899.What fabulous quilts and the photos show the quilting. Monday morning a friend and I went to Jo-Ann's and since she had a 50% off coupon that she couldn't use I found this last book to buy;
  6. Wisconsin Quilts: History in the Stitches. I had a 50% off coupon last Thursday and tried to buy it then but it was on sale for 30% off so I couldn't use the coupon. I have picked the book up and looked at it every time I was in JoAnn's the last 3 months and then set it down. But I love to read about old quilts....And I earned extra money doing the election this month And I haven't bought any books for......... quite awhile......And my birthday was last month; I needed a gift to myself..... And....well...........I certainly have enough reading material for the next week or 2.

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Baby Boomer Grammy said...

When are you going to start writing your own book? (I'm serious)