Thursday, April 29, 2010


I inferred with this post that my triangle madness was not very organized. I thought I'd show you some of the 'PILES.'
This is the pile of some of the selvages that were cut off before the triangles strips were cut;
Here is the shoe box where, mostly, ends of strips for the quilt were put so they are easily found if I need an odd triangle or 2. When the quilt is finished they will be dumped into the mile-a-minute bin of scraps;

This is the mile- a-minute bin of scraps. I blogged about these blocks here. (See number 11);

This is the pile of scraps too little to use; a woman at our guild makes pillows for heart patients out of this kind of scrap. It is used to make a very firm stuffing for the patients to hug while coughing. Unfortunately although this bag sits next to the machine most of the scraps end up on the floor near the bag instead of inside:

This is at the edge of my cutting table, mostly scraps to small to actually use and will be added to the above bin when the room gets picked up. (I cleaned up in there today!)
Kind of an organized chaos.

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