Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Triangle madness

186 people looked at my blog yesterday while I sewed triangles. Four people left comments; Thank-you. I live for comments, you validate my efforts...
I'm sure you wondered what I was really doing and here is a picture of the remaining triangles needed for my blocks. (The stack on the right is for the sashing.)
Nothing stands in my way to finishing my blocks now. I have been keeping my triangles in a sandwich size ziplock bag which is why I didn't do all 608* before starting the first block, well, that and I thought I'd go nuts making triangles. I needed to make blocks as I went to keep myself going. I made efforts to be organized; I failed in many places....the floor, the table, the cutting table, even the ironing board; but I didn't fail with the triangles!
Then I will sew the gazillion triangles needed for the sashing and border. I have been to 2 quilt shops looking for the perfect red for the border. No luck. I Can't finish this quilt if I can't find the PERFECT red.

During my reading I found a quilt in 'Wisconsin Quilts;History in the Stitches' with more triangles than mine and I thought I'd share.

4232 triangles. BEAUTIFUL

*I realized that I've been saying 1773 triangles but that is not true. It is 1773 squares made up of 2 triangles; so that means my quilt will have....drum roll please.....3546 triangles. Which is 17% fewer than the above quilt. It's a good thing that I don't figure this stuff out before I start a quilt.

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Janet said...

You have amazing fortitude and the blocks are looking sensational. This is one I will end up doing too. I'm cheering you on!