Monday, April 26, 2010

Design wall

This is my Design Wall today. I managed to get 2 blocks of the triangle madness done this week! 10 down 6 to go. I have come up with a method that breaks the rules to get lots of triangles in a large variety without pulling my hair out; not paper piecing. Just a hint; most of the edges of the triangles have bias edges.
I've had a few questions about this quilt so I thought I'd share the basics with you.
  • 16--18"blocks
  • 608 1" finished triangles
  • 608 1-1/2" finished triangles
  • 557 2" finished triangles for sashing (385) and an extra border (172).
  • finished size; 92 X 92... it has 3 borders; but it may change again. Nothing is sure until it is in the quilting stage.

I've found some else who is working on a 'triangle madness' quilt. Her sizes are different but it is looking great....the race is on; who will finish first? Go visit Lori at 'Humble Quilts' and see her version.

Visiting Judy will give you access to other's design wall; that is sure to inspire you.


Teaquilts said...

It's great to see your quilt growing. Keep going...

scraphappy said...

Those triangle blocks are crazy. I can't even imagine how long each one must take. It is even harder to imagine that there are two of you working on it right now. Best of luck

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh my! I thought that there was going to be 9 blocks, but there will be 16?!? Wow! That is a crazy number of HST's!!

QuiltSwissy said...

Wow! It looks like you have done a lot since I last looked! Awesome!

Lori said...

Hahaha, My blocks are tucked away for now. They come out on a rotating basis:)
I am swapping hst monthly with several other ladies so it's taking us a while to build a variety. Your blocks are looking lovely!!!

Susan said...

I find that quilt intriguing. Is it your own design or a pattern? Any idea where I could get the pattern?
Not that I need another project that is.