Monday, March 1, 2010

Design wall

Oops! I thought I had a picture of I-spy #2 taken right before I took it off the wall; so if this looks just like the one I showed last week it's because it is. Last weeks' is now in the long arm and looks like this: I LOVE IT!

I have the border # 1 of I-spy #2 cut, ready to be sewn. (It is lime green where this one is red.). I also finished block #2 of the Triangle madness, and picked off the too-light border of the first block that is pictured here.

Finally I am determined to quilt this quilt this week. I'm still undecided about what to quilt on it though. ANY IDEAS?


Diane said...

your borders on the I spy really makes the quilt pop-excellent!

Teaquilts said...

Love the red border on the I spy quilt. I don't know much about quilting designs so can't help you there.

Liz said...

okay. I think that if you quilted the ABCs in mine it would be really cool (like that other quilt you did long ago, but make sure you use a proper handwritting that does do weird a's like this a no a's are suppose to look like this A you know.. . I understand this is Mels so maybe just a stipple. :)

Lynne in Hawaii said...

That quilt looks like a Navajo it. I think something geometric might be good.

ANudge said...

As to what to quilt on that Navajo like design quilt, I would choose the Kokopele design that you see in Southwest fabrics.

A great quilt!