Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stash Report

I seem to be in a buying mode...still. I NEEDED to buy fabric for Liz's I-spy quilt since I had a 25% of coupon from a local quilt shop and I NEEDED buy a couple of fat quarters for the triangle madness, then finally I bought a back for Melissa's family's I-spy; it's preshrunk, pressed, and seamed; ready to be put in the long-arm tomorrow...well, tomorrow is too busy I think it will be Wednesday.

Liz's- 5/8 of lime green for border, 2 1/2 (just enough to add to the 3 yards I already had.)
Mel's- 4 1/2 of a cool route 66 fabric that has California and Texas on it.
Triangle madness- 2 fat quarters...I just did not have the right blue or gold!

I used some fabric and covered the back of the piano in our Children's meeting rooms at church. I used 2 yards of rich brown that didn't come out of my was donated so I won't be counting it. :( In fact my friend gave me the rest of her bolt to use; so I have enough for ...oh, 3-4 more pianos! I sewed a couple of tucks in the back so it COULD be used to hold word strips or pcitures. It was Roger's idea to add the fish line to hold the tops of the pictures so they won't topple over.

  • donated; same--66 yards
  • used; 15.75
  • purchased; 77 yards

  • The stash report is going on again on Judy's blog.


    Mel said...

    Cool fabric mom! Love the piano covers, genius!

    Quiltsmiles said...

    Great use of donated fabrics so cover the piano back. Accountability is such a good thing.


    Liz said...

    i like it.