Monday, January 4, 2010

New but old projects....

I decided that January would be my month to catch up on old projects; not all of them but at least 1 big one. I came home from vacation with too much to do though. Here's my 'quilt list:'
  • quilt 1 quilt for my sister
  • requilt 1 quilt for my mother
  • do 1 project for my daughter-in-law
  • make my daughter's wedding quilt
  • do a customer's 'no hurry quilt' that I've had for 2 years!
  • 1 scrap exchange for future baby quilts
  • do a duvet cover
Since I need to include a photo, here's a quilt I made for my parents for Christmas about 2o? years ago. I stole it off their couch so that I could add some quilting to it.
As you can see it has very minimal quilting; I think this was about the 2nd quilt I ever quilted on my domestic machine..
really I don't remember that far back but I know I made one of these for my in-law's the year before. Here's theirs and my Christmas log cabin? still in block format waiting for me to make the 15? blocks I'd need to make it bigger; when lap size would be big enough!

That doesn't even touch my housework, laundry, personal list... oh, you want to see that too?
  • exercise
  • cook
  • clean
  • do laundry
  • organize garage (If I don't do it now it'll have to be done in July!)
  • organize attic (same here...who wants to go near an attic in the summer?)
So today? I'm getting a pedicure!

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