Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years

I haven't posted about Christmas but I want my sister to see this photo of her son. Adam is in the red tie. Both boys are 14, cousins that rarely see each other, in Grandma's living room about midnight.
When we arrived in Denver my sister was there and was leaving the next morning. We managed to talk her out of one of her boys. Adam is her only child whose age matches with mine. I knew getting Jeffrey to a dance in a strange city would be impossible with out some moral support. I took both boys shopping (4 hour marathon) for their stripped shirts and since ties were required Adam borrowed one of Granddad's and Jeffrey wore his new tie; they looked great. We found a church dance with a party before hand and these boys went where they knew no one! Very brave. They had a good time and stayed until 11.

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Mel said...

those boys look great! Is that a tradition of ours?? When I was about the same age maybe a bit older I went to a New Years dance in Denver with my cousins. The only boy I danced with was my cousin. We all had fun, but all agreed that it was a terrible dance! But a good memory :)