Saturday, January 2, 2010


I think I'm getting to old for the marathon trip we took this Christmas; 3,671 miles and that's just according to google maps-I'm sure we drove more than that. We saw 29 relatives, which was the point of driving such a long distance. We hopped from one house to the next all the way to Idaho and then back going a different route. I still get high altitude sickness and so it was very bad when we went up to 10,000 feet. I need to get a topographic map and try to route around the mountains instead of over them!
Monday I may have time to start adding some photos, tonight I'm way too tired to download them.
All that time in the car and no New Year's Resolutions! We listened to 2 books on tape. A biography of Einstein (no, we didn't finish) I got tired of it today and requested a change. So we started the shortest of the other books; 'Little Brother' a teen book about a ist attack on San Fransisco, interesting stuff but not my favorite reading material....but the boys enjoyed it. Unfortunately we didn't finish it, we got just past the half way mark.......... I guess we'll have to go for a drive....

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