Monday, January 7, 2008

log cabin quilt #1

This is one of my very early quilts, I'm sure it is around 1985? (Notice the 'I'm sure' then the ? mark). For a couple years after Christmas I bought fabric. Only 1/4 yard pieces and only a handful each year. I remember laying out my cutting board on the coffee table during nap time. I cut this kneeling in front of my coffee table! I do not remember any pain, oh that's right I was young then. If the phone rang I put the rotary cutter on the mantle. I didn't plan it I just cut all my fabric into 1 1/2 inch strips. I still have some of those strips. even though I have made pillows, stockings, blocks for quilt guild Christmas party, and another more scrappy quilt. Oh, you talked me into it I'll have to dig out that one and show it to you.
I made this for my in laws. I reasoned that if I made theirs first no one could complain about the time spent making one for my parents the next year. I still have the stack of blocks for my quilt hiding in my Christmas fabric/blocks box; okay, to be honest that would be boxES.

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