Thursday, December 24, 2009

my knitting

I can knit in the car. Haven't done much of it in the car though. Here's the project I'm working on for Austin. I knitted mittens for Carter (his are similar to the one's his older cousin is wearing at the snow fort) and worked on dishrags. I finished the binding on this quilt and did the applique for Tyler's 'hristmas' books. (he already has Merry C). I've almost finished all the 'kits' I'd brought to work on. I also brought a couple of books but I can't read AND knit. :(
We've been traveling for 7 days and driven 1,673 miles and slept in 5 different beds! We have 1,998 miles to go and only 3 more beds.
We have visited with 22 relatives and have 8-13 left to visit. WE're excited to see the latest addition to our family, Landon! We were looking forward to seeing all of our kids but Melissa isn't coming to Idaho this year since Austin broke his leg! What a sad experience this has been for them. I hope it will all seem like a bad dream in a short while.
It's time to pack for the next leg of our 'trek'.
I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.

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