Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas tree skirts

This is the latest project to come off the long-arm. This one is heavily quilted but due to the dull day it isn't showing up. So, since I was using up bits of thread left in bobbins you can see the quilting in some of the back. I love the heart quilt pattern but it takes a lot of time so the second one got the words to Silent Night and O Come All Ye Faithful quilted on it. I figure you'll never even see the skirts, let alone the back side.
After quilting and cutting them out it took 35 minutes and 2 packs of bias tape to make each one.

The fabric is evil...I paid .25 a yard for it 4 years ago. Last year I did a pantograph on the same stuff and washed it; it faded very badly and shrank, but it still made an all right tree skirt.

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Baby Boomer Grammy said...

totally cool. i love the plaid fabric.