Monday, December 14, 2009

My books

I started this project before Christmas last year, using ALL wool found at thrift stores and then felted. I committed to making a book a year for each grandchild for Christmas...but only until they are 14. Each year they get a tiny book, with 8-12 pages, that has one letter on it that they or Mom is to write a brief record of the year in. Include a picture if they want. Melissa wanted all of them, which is a good idea then I don't have to keep track of which letter to send Austin. The plan is to get all of them done ahead but I failed....The top row goes: Liz, Landon, Carter, Tyler and James. (Liz begged for one for herself for each year she is married...sorry no one else begged; the other 2 had also been married longer so it would be harder to go back journal wise to get up to date.) I blogged about it last year and Saturday.
The embroidery got a little fancier this year (notice the top row capitol C) so if Melissa doesn't write a name in the books she gets this year she can intersperse the fancier ones with the plain ones for her next kid.

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Baby Boomer Grammy said...

what a beautiful project! One of my sister-in-laws does a lot of this wool-felting, beautiful embroidering type of work.