Thursday, September 24, 2009

THE QUILT: Color block log cabin

The masses (1 person) were unanimous and all want to see the quilt; wonky lines and all.

First I quilted the lines roughly 1-1.5 inches apart; that's when I panicked and thought it looked did. So I went back and quilted a line between each of the 1 " lines and it looks pretty good. The above colors look a bit...foggy/ faded...whatever, the picture below is closer to the right color.

The back; but the color is closer to the second picture; a blue and black plaid.
Before quilting this quilt was 74X98 after quilting it is 70X97.

Stash report:
in: 0 yards
out: 12 yards!
year to date:
I made it. 100+ yards used in 2009. It's only September I have 3 months to go.

Details? You mentioned details? I've blogged about this quilt several times this year. Look here and... here...and here.

That was fun looking for that last post. While hunting I found a stash report where I reported buying 3 yards of fabric but not counting it since it was for this quilt so I have to modify my stash report.
in: 3 yards
out: 12 yards!
year to date:


Silverthimble said...

The quilt looks gorgeous! I too have admired the quilts that I have seen on other blogs that are quilted in simple straight lines. I loved the comment about how much the quiliting has shrunk the width of this quilt. I would never have expected it to shrink it that much!

Mel said...

It looks fabulous! Wonky lines and all. I love it.

katie z said...

Woohoo! Good job reaching your goal.