Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Years ago I accumulated some scraps of fabric; Not only was I making a lot of quilts I had friends who were making a lot of quilts. Two of them; Rosie and Jan actually threw their scraps in the trash! Not around Liz and I; Jan started saving her scraps for Liz to go through when we visited the quilt shop and then she'd bring them home. We did this from the time Liz was 3 till she was about 8. Rosie also gave me lots of her 'trash'. WHAT WAS I THINKING? I have 3 of these bins of 'trash!'I've started making quilts out of them because they weigh on my mind. I can picture my kids going through my stuff after I'm gone saying,'WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?' 
Our congregation makes tied quilts for charity every year and I was trying to come up with an idea that non-sewers could do and get rid of some scraps too. So here are my 'color block' log cabin blocks on muslin and on black.  Which do you think we should set it with?

If you look on my side bar you can see the first quilt I made 5 years ago using these bins; my Texas Flag baby quilt that I made for my first grandson and then sold at the local quilt shop for 5 years. (Last week they quit carrying my pattern :(. But I got the quilt back!) I think I should make a twin size of it. Do you agree? How many of my blue scraps would it use? (I have more blue than any other color.)

I also used the scraps for the potholders that I blogged about here and here.


Liz said...

I really like the muslin, but the black looks good too. Maybe if you had posted the black first I would have like it better.. I don't know. but I really like these blocks.

Anonymous said...

These are gorgous! I really like the muslin better. They look 'deeper' where the black seems to look flater. That could have something to do with the angle of the picture too. pls