Monday, September 28, 2009

red Irish Chain updated

I've been working on fixing the blocks for my Irish Chain for 9 days now and am 81% done. Out of 32 finished blocks 3 blocks did not get any ripping done. Some of the blocks had 5 squares picked out, most just had 2. Since I was ripping anyway if I didn't like the fabric next to the one I was ripping I ripped it out too. One of the exchangers used a Coca-Cola fabric which I don't drink or like so I've picked it out.... One has a pinky red fabric where there should be a dark red so it comes out too. I so want to quit working on it and do something fun...but I'd have to sort and label and pack it back I just sit and stitch when my back is hurting to much to do anything else.


Liz said...

i can't wait to see it finished you have many red and white quilts and they are so pretty!

synnove75 said...

Just think of how happy you will be when it is finished! Red and white looks so good in quilts:-) I'm sure it will be stunning and hope you will share picture of it when it is done.
Hugs from Synnoeve in Norway:-)

Baby Boomer Grammy said...

Thanks for your compliment on my quilt (that means a lot coming from a pro like you). This is only the 2nd twin I've made for a grandchild -- not something I automatically do, only if there is a need. Love your log cabin quilt --it's amazing, as are all your quilts (you are my inspiration and taught me how).