Monday, May 11, 2009

stash report

nothing in.... (well the charity quilt I'm working on got 3 yards of black but it didn't go in MY stash)
nothing out.... (I've had my small rainbow trip around the world on the long arm all week and I'm only half done; cause I'm a slacker. I also had people over for 2 quilting meetings where I taught my log cabin for the charity quilt I'm working on)
I've used about 75 yards of fabric this year
SO I've used 58.48 more yards than I've purchased.


Brenda said...

Hey!! No name calling!! You are not a 'slacker'!! You are 'taking a break'. It is spring time, you are stopping to find some roses!! That is not slacking off, it's a mental clarity so you will be well rested and ready to rock when you get back at it!! AND!! You were teaching! How can you work on the stash busting when you are clearing your head and teaching???? :-)

I like your report. If anyone is slacking, it's me!!!!
have a great week!!

Lori in South Dakota said...

some weeks we just get busy with other parts of our lives. We can't work full steam ahead ALL the time!