Tuesday, September 2, 2008

rainbow quilt

This is what I'm working on;

The socks; oh my word, they are cute. I am beginning to believe anything knitted small is cute. We'll see if they fit anyone since I am knitting so tight I'm afraid they will be knee socks for a 6 month old.

The string; oh my word I bought too much string; I'll be using this for the next 20 years.

I love this rainbow Trip Around the World quilt. It is an exchange I organized 12? years ago in Lynchburg, Virginia. I pretended to be 2 people so I had to find double the fabric. Each of us had to do 2 shades of each color; light and dark. NOT an easy task unless you are willing to go buy fabric and I was trying to use my stash. I am going to quilt it ....soon. (You can also the BIG project I am working on; raising those 2 in the background. Jeffrey is 20 months older than Andrew. Oh my word he has gotten big this year. He wore a size 12 1.75 years ago and I need to go buy him an 18 suit jacket now.)

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Angela said...

He's a good looking guy!