Monday, May 11, 2009

my sister's happy dance

This will cause my sister to have a happy dance; me not so much. THIS is the second mug to be broken. 
I went shopping at Tuesday morning 2 years ago and bought myself a beautiful yellow mug; yellow with pink flowers. It got broken. Months later I was again shopping at Tuesday Morning and found the same patterned mug and bought it for myself. It got broken. Again. 
I save my broken dishes for my little sister; I keep a bin in the garage and put the broken dishes in and the pretty ones I find at garage sales for her. She makes beautiful mosaics out of them and then sells them; I have been lucky enough to receive several on her angels. 
I will be going to Tuesday Morning soon and see if they have another yellow mug.


Jeannette said...

I can't bear to throw out broken pottery and have contemplated mosiacs. How fun tio have a sister that redeems your broken fineries. That was a cute mug you broke.

Patty Cake said...

I love the mug and can't wait to include it in a project. Any ideas?