Saturday, May 9, 2009


My Cub Scouts are having a cub cake auction tonight so I baked.
  • raspberry pecan brownies
  • apricot oat squares
still to glaze;
  • lemon pound cake
I wish I could figure out great names for these cakes. The 'sock-it-to-me cake' is always a big winner and it is a great cake but it's name influences the bidders to. So quick what should I name these?
my son suggested
  • superb brownies
  • chocolate brownies
My idea;
  • past your prime apricot oat squares
  • 8 lemon cake
  • lascivious lemon cake
  • delight in fatness lemon cake


I looked up lascivious and it's not a good choice for a church activity. I decided 'Pucker-Up Lemon Cake' would be a good name for one. It sold for $50. I got a call on Mother's Day from the recipient prasing the great lemon cake. I won't make the apricot oat bars again or the raspberry brownies....well if I make the brownies I'll up the raspberry presence to a layer of jam under the frosting.

1 comment:

Lindah said...

How about......
rambunctious raspberry pecan brownies....
or raspberry good pecan brownies. And maybe apricot oat treasures?

They all sound so good, I'm about to start drooling!