Sunday, May 3, 2009

key lime cupcakes

If you are inspired to make the luscious lime cupcakes I posted about weeks ago be warned that you NEED 2 pieces of equipment;
  • The lime squeezer and the 
  • microplaner.
With out these 2 'key' items I would never have tackled getting the zest off of 8 limes.
FYI I did not use key limes... you get more juice from regular limes and the taste is the same (according to Cook's Illustrated Magazine.)

The Junior High band is having a bake sale tomorrow night so I'm staying up late to get the cupcakes done tonight... I wonder what the boys will be eating for breakfast tomorrow?
If I ever get around to having an open house guess what I'll be serving?

1 comment:

Micha said...

i agree with the tools... both of which i'm obsessed with anyway! however, before i bought a squeezer i discovered that i could juice limes and lemons quite easily using a small whisk. just smash it into the lime and twist away!