Saturday, May 2, 2009

quilt guild

25 years ago I started attending a small Quilt guild. I was so shy I could only go because I had a friend who would go with me; Ann. Today was their 25th anniversary celebration and I went. I recognized many people from the 12 years I attended. We moved away 13 years ago and I recently decided to attend again. I commute once a month back to the Baytown Quilt Guild and I feel welcomed and among friends. I was also recognized as a charter member and as a past president. I did not win the raffle quilt..:(  but;
I WON A DOOR PRIZE! a charm pack of Moda fabric, 6 fat quarters, AND a pack of 5 rotary blades (what a great idea; that fits everyone's tastes!).
The pictures are of my 2 favorite quilts displayed there. The second one I wasn't initially crazy about but it was at the far end of the hall from my lunch table and it was so impressive and showed so well at a distance that I liked it more the more I looked at it. (It was made of many 16?" blocks not just the one.)
Week # 18
My stash report does not inclued my door prize because I do not count fabric given to me; I have no control over that!

I finished a table runner this week. 21 x 68. I estimate that it took 2.5 yards of fabric.

in 17.43
out 75.91
I've used 58.48 yards more than I've purchased during 2009.

I am sorely tempted to go buy some new nice bright cheerful fabrics for a project I have in mind that I really shouldn't start....I'm hanging in there week by week to keep from shopping/buying.

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Carol said...

OMG (as my 16 year old granddaughter "texts") nearly 10,000 pieces in that first quilt. It is amazing.