Monday, May 4, 2009

birthday giveaway

In 2006 I decided to make my birthday cards. I have no idea how many of my family actually received a version of this card. If those that did or didn't would let me know I could fill in gaps.
May is our birthday month; 4 birthdays.
Sooo what would you put in this adaptation of the birthday card?

The best answer wins and I'll mail it to YOU.
*Laramie's comment won. I hope Catherine is enjoying her pouch.
One more zipper down and only 62 to go.


Carol said...

We live in Oklahoma with the largest population of Native Americans in the U.S.- hence the largest number of casinos. The casinos are very generous to Senior Citizens, with $5 or $10 to play with or a free breakfast or a discounted dinner buffet. My brother-in-law is disabled and an hour or so in a casino is all the recreation he can handle. So, we go to them all. Each casino has it's own "player card" that you must have to participate on Senior's Day. Your birthday bag would be perfect to hold all our cards.

Liz said...

I think the style of this bag would make a great Earth Day gift (or since that is past maybe mother's day).You could put some of your favorite seeds packets or a gift card to a nursery inside and it would be complete!

Mel said...

This bag is absolutely perfect for a garden loving mom (me) to hold your favorite blue eyed blond grandson's treats... oh.. wait...ALL your grandsons have blond hair and blue eyes!

Patty Cake said...

I did get one of your beautiful cards. I have it on the filing cabinet in my bedroom. Now what would I do with that lovely bag? I could keep my current beading project together in it, or put all the cards and coupons that have accumulated behind my checks and register in my checkbook, I could put the things I find myself sticking in my pocket at the last minute as I leave for work, ie: chapstick, $2.00, small lipstick, 2 double A batteries to put in that toy for E, that baggie of box tops for education to take to school, a pair of earrings since I ran out of time to put them on... As you can see I would really enjoy using that bag.

laramie said...

I would give the bag to Katherine, who would love it to death. It would pair very nicely with her lovely pink birthday quilt. Well, Katherine would try to stick in a book, so she could carry it to the tree, sit in the branch, and read it.

The book might not fit, so she might fill it up with Tickets, which give you a ride on her imaginary train. Loralee gets to go to Medieval land, or England land. I go to work land, and Alexander goes to train land or digging land. The pouch would hold all the purple--which is her favorite color, and would match the birthday bag nicely--and gold and green tickets that you would ever need.

When the tickets were spent, she would put in polished rocks, which she earns for little chores she does around the house. The rocks are minerals like pyrite or quarts, polished and the bag would be perfect to keep them away from baby Rebecca.

Alexander would also want to play with the bag; Katherine would share it with him sometimes, as long as he was careful to keep it away from the Rebecca.

Ms. Porter said...

I don't know if I should leave a comment seeing that I was once lucky enough two win my beloved apron!! I still wear it all the time and my two girlies wear their matching aprons all the time too! LOVE THEM!

Hmm what would I do if I won your birthday treat? Well, seeing that I no longer have a diaper bag for the kids, I now have all their little belongings in my purse! I would love to keep my own personal items in a bag like that, you know lip balm, hand cream, gum, tissue, the things that are MINE that I can never find in my purse because my kiddies need me to hold on to so many of their things!

BTW, Happy Mothers day to you. I am still around but not as often these days as the kids are getting older and busier (6 yrs and at the end of the week 4 year old!).