Friday, March 13, 2009

Key Lime cupcakes

I finally made the key lime cupcakes that Michelle posted about here. I made a double batch and used a lot of limes. They were a great hit at pack meeting this week and with my family. I added a lime glaze under the frosting to give it another jolt of lime; I think it improved the taste. A friend and I did a taste test and both of us like the one with the glaze better. So here's what you do;

take 3/4 cup water boiled with
6 tablespoons sugar then
1/4 cup lime juice.

When it is cool brush it onto the cupcakes; after it is absorbed frost them.
You're right; I used just a smidgen of the glaze, so cut it in fourth. I also colored the frosting. Yummy, but don't eat one late at night, my acid reflux acted up and I was sleeping in a chair.

I got to wear my cub-scout committee meeting hat this week.
We had a very successful service project; we arranged with our city's beautification board to put rocks around a flower garden in city park. The boys worked like little ants and were done in about 15 minutes and then got to run around the park playing while their parents visited. I think it was a success.
  • Fewer cupcakes When does that ever happen? Leftovers from a pack meeting; unheard of. We considered trying to get some of the joggers to eat them.
  • Bringing a drink... although the park had a drinking fountain and that was EASY.
  • Having a picnic at the park before hand.
  • Bringing gardening gloves? I had a pair and had a basket of spares but they were only left hands! How did that happen? I brought silicone gloves too.
I wonder how many years it will take us to get all their beds done if we do one a year....

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